Lee “Scratch” Perry - Revelation [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Lee “Scratch” Perry



Megawave Records

Genre: Dub
EAN: 0603408003415
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"Revelation" marks the third collaboration between Lee "Scratch" Perry and UK multi-instrumentalist Steve Marshall, following their previous works "Scratch Came, Scratch Saw, Scratch Conquered" and the Grammy-nominated "The End of An American Dream." Perry continues to defy categorization, crafting unique musical experiences. For those unfamiliar, Lee "Scratch" Perry is a seminal figure in reggae history, contributing significantly to the development of the genre through his work as an engineer, producer, songwriter, and performer, particularly in the realm of dub reggae. Recorded at Perry's mountain-top studio in Switzerland, as well as studios in California, New York, and England, the album features collaborations with Duncan & Green, Tim Hill, Keith Richards, George Clinton, Dr Sleepy, Alec Hay, Steve Marshall, elodie & Abi Browning, and David Stewart Jones. Bonus tracks are included in this release.