Lucas Santtana - 3 Sessions In A Greenhouse - 33RPM

Lucas Santtana

3 Sessions In A Greenhouse


Mais Um Discos

Genre: Reggae
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To mark the 15th anniversary of his original release, Mais revives a lost classic from the catalog of one of the most respected and influential Brazilian songwriters of the moment, Lucas Santtana

Lucas Santtana's "3 Sessions In A Greenhouse," released on vinyl for the first time (remastered by German dub shaman Stefan Betke/Pole) and featuring Tom Zé and manguebeat pioneer Gilmar Bola 8, combines psychedelic samba and baile funk with original Black Ark-style studio distortion and spiritual dub dread, laying the groundwork for his groundbreaking "Sem Nostalgia" LP five years later and establishing Santtana as an elemental force in current Brazilian new wave.