Madlib - Rock Konducta Pt.1 - 33RPM


Rock Konducta Pt.1


Madlib Invazion

Genre: Jazz/Hip Hop
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Madlib announced his Rock Konducta album with a limited edition 45 made specifically for sale at the Zamrock Live! Madlib Medicine Show in San Francisco in early 2013. It was a fitting place to make the debut, as his previous Beat Konducta in Africa album was heavily inspired by Africa’s vibrant 70s rock scene, specifically focusing on Zambia’s Zamrock.

Rock Konducta – presented in two LP volumes – is the fifth instalment in Madlib’s Beat Konducta series. Previous entries include Beat Konducta: Movie Scenes, Beat Konducta: in India, Beat Konducta: Dil Cosby and Dil Withers Suites and Beat Konducta in Africa.