Manu Chao - La Radiolina - 33RPM

Manu Chao

La Radiolina



Genre: Reggae
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Genre-mash-master and gibberish-maniac Manu Chao is back. José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao, born in Paris in 1961, took six years to release La Radiolina, his first studio album since the successful, platinum-selling Próxima Estación: Esperanza. Of course, the politically permanently active world musician was not idle between 2001 and 07. There were visits to Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Diego Maradona, the G8 invited people to a demo and, incidentally, the former head of Mano Negra brought almost 100,000 skeptical festival visitors to his side in California as the opening act of Rage Against The Maschine.

In between extensive touring, Manu Chao wrote dozens more songs, a selection of which ended up on La Radiolina. It goes higher, harder and rockier on the album, which shows the political globalization opponent again as a musical globalization advocate. Strongly influenced by countless concert tours through Latin and South America, socialized by Western rock, the little big man and his band Radio Bemba fuse TexMex, blues, Latin, rai, ska, folk or blues in an interplay of electric and acoustic arrangements. The message of the album of the son of refugees from Spain during the Franco dictatorship is already in the title Small Radio, because the insights of this extraordinary musician, who carries his home mostly as a backpack, are based on a globally valid formula: Change always starts in the small, in the social environment.