Martin Buscaglia - El Evangelio Segun Mi Jardinero LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Martin Buscaglia

El Evangelio Segun Mi Jardinero



Genre: Experimental
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Landmark albums deserve to be released on Glorious Vinyl, and that's why Lovemonk is presenting the first ever vinyl edition of Martín Buscaglia's 2006 corker, El Evangelio Según Mi Jardinero.

"Brain, brain, thanks for being in my head and not in my knee, if not, I wouldn't be able to kneel down to pray or keep that promise I cannot reveal". Those are the first words (translated from Spanish) of 'Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia y Sofía', the song that kicks off El Evangelio Según Mi Jardinero, the fourth album by Uruguayan pop genius Martín Buscaglia and his second on Lovemonk.

El Evangelio is a wonderful collection of deliciously cheeky and brutally honest songs composed by a man who was lucky enough to grow up in a home where several of his home country's cultural greats (Eduardo Mateo, Urbano Moraes, Rubén Rada, all three of legendary candombe innovators El Kinto, and Hugo Fattoruso, of Opa) would drop by to chat, write and hang out. They, and other heroes like Marvin Gaye, Tom Waits, Stevie Wonder, and Jorge Ben, have had a lasting influence on Martín's music, and it's no different on El Evangelio. Martín wrote most of the songs and plays all kinds of instruments, conventional and not so conventional (the ravanahatha - an ancient bowed, stringed instrument used in South Asia, different toys such as the Simon device and a carousel), and there are cameos by the likes of Arnaldo Antunes, Nicolás Ibarburu and Juana Molina.

El Evangelio Según Mi Jardinero is a dazzling piece of work that will make you dance your ass of and take you to place you haven't visited since childhood. Even 12 years on, the at times complex songs actually sound deceptively simple and stunningly fresh.