Martin L. Gore - Mg - 33RPM

Martin L. Gore




Genre: Synthpop
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"Mg" is the second full-length solo album by Martin L. Gore, who is best known as the primary songwriter and co-founder of the electronic band Depeche Mode. The album was released in April 2015 and features a mix of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, with Gore providing vocals on all tracks.

The album received generally positive reviews for its inventive approach to electronic music and its subtle, introspective melodies. Critics noted that the album was a departure from Gore's work with Depeche Mode, showcasing his versatility and willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles.


Pinking 2:22
Swanning 2:57
Exalt 4:31
Elk 2:05
Brink 3:05
Europa Hymn 3:16
Creeper 3:25
Spiral 4:01
Stealth 4:16
Hum 4:12
Islet 3:18
Crowly 4:17
Trysting 3:17
Southerly 4:03
Featherlight 2:32
Blade 3:08