1. Mary Ann Hawkins - Mary Ann Hawkins - 33RPM
  2. Mary Ann Hawkins - Mary Ann Hawkins - 33RPM

Mary Ann Hawkins

Mary Ann Hawkins



Genre: Surf
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Riding the mighty new wave of Finnish Surf Rock, Mary Ann Hawkins are the No. 1 surfing group in the country. Equally comfortable surfing the arid spaghetti western desert as well as the thousand lakes of Finland, these sweaty but impeccably dressed young men present you with twelve tunes just right for surf-dancing.

For many moons now the Helsinki-based quintet has driven audiences wild across the old continent, especially in their native land of Finland. Having self-released two EP records in the past, the group are now preparing for the release of their debut full length album in May 2022, just in time for the sunny season.