Mary Ocher + Your Government LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Mary Ocher

Your Government



Genre: Electronic/Pop
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Born in Russia and raised in Israel, the young artist moved relatively quickly to the German capital, where she has been living for the past eight years. Ocher first gained attention with various protest and anti-war songs, which she performed on stages in Berlin. She released her debut album "War Songs", and the Hamburg label Buback subsequently became aware of the artist and released her second album "Eden", which was produced by legend King Khan. He was also at the controls of her third album. For the current album the project grew to a trio (with two drummers).

Mary Ocher is art and unique. You won't find a comparison on this planet. Wild and spontaneous, wacky but also calm and never following a certain line, are the ten songs. Experimental and avant-garde pop, with post-feminist no-wave / riot grrrl tendencies, is the best way to describe it.