Mattiel - Georgia Gothic - 33RPM


Georgia Gothic



Genre: Alternative Rock
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Second studio album by American singer-songwriter Mattiel, released on October 9, 2020. The album features 11 tracks with a mix of garage rock, indie rock, and blues influences. The songs are all written or co-written by Mattiel and are driven by her distinct vocal style and storytelling lyrics. Some notable tracks from the album include "Those Words", "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun", and "Millionaire". "Georgia Gothic" has been praised for its raw energy, catchy hooks, and unique blend of genres, cementing Mattiel's place as a rising star in the indie rock scene.


Jeff Goldblum 3:21
On The Run 2:49
Lighthouse 3:44
Wheels Fall Off 2:45
Subterranean Shut-In Blues 3:08
Blood In The Yolk 3:05
Cultural Criminal 2:46
You Can Have It All 3:40
Other Plans 3:09
Boomerang 2:19
How It Ends 2:59