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Genre: Alternative Rock
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Second studio album by the American indie rock band Mattiel, released in 2019. The album blends elements of garage rock, surf rock, and indie rock, and features the distinctive and powerful vocals of frontwoman Mattiel Brown. The songs on the album range from uptempo and energetic, such as "Whites Of Their Eyes" and "Food For Thought", to more introspective and melancholic, such as "Blisters" and "Athlete". The album received critical acclaim for its originality, songwriting, and production, and solidified Mattiel's reputation as one of the most promising new acts in indie rock.

Moment Of Death 2:26
Rescue You 2:27
Je Ne Me Connais Pas 2:40
Food For Thought 2:35
Keep The Change 3:49
Millionaire 3:25
Populonia 4:18
Blisters 2:15
Athlete 2:29
Berlin Weekend 3:15
Heck Fire 2:53
Long Division 3:16