Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell - 33RPM

Meat Loaf

Bat out of Hell



Genre: Rock
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Without a doubt, Meat Loaf is one of the greats of rock'n'roll history. To date, his 1977 "Bat Out Of Hell" has sold around 30 million copies and is at the top of the eternal bestseller list, alongside greats like Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd
Like no other album, this milestone has influenced rock music. Meat Loaf proves on this album that he masters both fast and hard guitar rock, as well as slow and epic ballads. Each title from it sooner or later turns out to be a real earworm

"Bat Out Of Hell" is a concept album and a collection of hits at the same time: Be it the title track "Bat Out Of Hell", "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" or "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad", hit after hit is lined up here - not for nothing that all but one song was released as a single