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Meat Loaf

Dead Ringer



Genre: Rock
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"Dead Ringer" by Meat Loaf is the second of three albums written in their entirety by Jim Steinman, of which "Bat Out Of Hell" was the first. Once again, Jim Steinman wrote lush, operatic songs with over-the-top lyrics and a back-up band based on E Street Band members Max Weinberg (drums) and Roy Bittan (keyboards), while Meat Loaf himself sang with a passion that sounded all the more seductive for flirting with the over-the-top. "Dead Ringer" produced four singles: "Dead Ringer For Love," "I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us," "Read 'Em And Weep" and "Peel Out." In the United Kingdom, the album reached number one on the charts. The title track, with the perfect choice of Cher as a duet partner, reached the top ten.