Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson Vinyl - 33RPM

Miles Davis

A Tribute To Jack Johnson



Genre: Jazz
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Miles Davis' "A Tribute to Jack Johnson" is the best jazz-rock record ever made. Inspired as much by the bandleader's desire to assemble "the greatest rock 'n' roll band you've ever heard" as by his reverence for Johnson, Davis crafted a hard-hitting set that bristles with excitement, intensity, majesty and power. Blending the electric fusion he'd pursued on previous works with a funkier, dirtier rhythmic approach, Davis focuses on concepts of spontaneity, freedom and identity rarely achieved in the studio.

Guitarist John McLaughlin, utilizing wah-wah and distortion, comes across here with a sharp blade, a cutting style and a biting attitude that allows A Tribute to Jack Johnson to finally cross the line between rock and jazz. Davis puts both feet in the former camp, finally erasing any divide. The album features not only McLaughlin's rousing performance, but also the headliner's blistering trumpet solos like never before. Davis' passages in the high register explode with power and commanding presence. Around him, a flood of urgent backbeats, cutting riffs and three-dimensional bass lines emerge amidst an inky black backdrop.