Moderat - II - 33RPM




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Genre: Electronic
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Moderate are Apparat (Sascha Ring) and Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary). Here the thoughtful sound tinkerer and pop poet, there the two techno b-boys. Both acts stand for the Berlin electronic scene beyond the straight bass drum. Modeselektor are the grandmasters of subterranean bass and electrifying breakbeats, Apparat is the fine spirit of electronic pop music. The refusal to settle for the existing welds the three together in an artist friendship.

On their first album, they defined the Moderat sound in 2008. Wobbling basses and twitching beats on the one hand, Apparat's filigree voice on the the other: it was the extreme contrast that created the unique Moderat feeling. Over the next few years, both acts became internationally renowned artists. They defined the electronic sound of the time with groundbreaking albums. Today, the spectrum has grown emotionally and stylistically. There is no longer a basic mood.

In eleven tracks Moderat tell a multifaceted yet compact epic. They are seducers and hooligans, brooders and party sows. In their world, party frenzy and profundity are not opposites. They leave out no chapter of their electronic and analog lives. In the Clash, these great musical personalities show new facets of character. Thus, in this reunion, one of the great albums of electronic pop music has been created.