1. Mr Benn - The Music - 33RPM
  2. Mr Benn - The Music - 33RPM
  3. Mr Benn - The Music - 33RPM

Mr Benn

The Music


Black Frog Studios

Genre: Soundtrack
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"All the music from the iconic Mr Benn cartoons, available for the only time. 1500 copies, coloured vinyl of the Mr Benn wheel seen at the beginning of every adventure. Recorded in two sessions - Olympic Studios in 1969, and Gateway Studios in 2004. All the music was written by Duncan Lamont, and featured some iconic session musicians including
Kenny Wheeler, Ray Swinfield and Duncan Lamont himself. Ray Swinfield used the same instruments as he used on The Beatles Penny Lane on these recordings.
Mr Benn has an enduring popularity, and was shown on The BBC every year from 1971 - 1999, then on Nick Jnr till 2010.
The sessions have ben fully remastered, and sound fabulous!
It was due to Nick Jnr that a 14th Mr Benn cartoon was made, and the second session features re-working of some of the original tunes as well as lots of new tunes for Gladiator.
The packaging features an insert with Mr Benn dressed in all his adventure outfits, and a game to match all the souvenirs to each adventure.
Not to be missed. A must for everybody that grew up with Mr Benn. All the sleeve notes have been written by The Mr Benn cartoon producer Clive Juster, and are full of insights from the recording sessions."