Nachtmahr - Stellungskrieg - 33RPM




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Genre: EBM
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A war is raging in our heads. Man against man, woman against woman, woman against man. Man against man. This is the era of anger, an age of coldness that is driving us further and further apart. Art reflects all this, preserves human failure, holds up a mirror to us. And is the ultimate weapon to break the ice around our hearts.

Of all the artists in the broad field of industrial music, NACHTMAHR have always had their ear close to the rails of the zeitgeist. Since 2007, Thomas Rainer has been capturing dehumanization in a steely, leviathanic foundation of leaden force and rabid energy. The past few months have also pushed this architect of human abysses to his limits. And beyond.

The new NACHTMAHR epic "Stellungskrieg" is a battle against frustration, fear and scaremongering, a monument to rage in which Thomas Rainer has dug deep and found his way back to his own source. On "Stellungskrieg", we are met with lashing harshness, blazing rage, but also moments of melancholy. The album is a manifesto of superiority in a time of awakening, culminating in the slavering "Krieg", the most brutal piece of music NACHTMAHR have ever unleashed. NACHTMAHR's imperial industrial has always been different from most of the scene. Bigger, more arrogant, more powerful, more provocative, more unrestrained.

Nobody could keep up when commander-in-chief Rainer directed the unleashing, on the albums and at his intoxicating concerts there was only one law: move! It is therefore only logical that there is a song with this name on "Stellungskrieg".

And while we're on the subject of consistency: NACHTMAHR have never sounded denser, more self-determined, more iconic, more consistent than on "Stellungskrieg". An album distilled from the purest essence of this overpowering project, a reflection on what has always characterized Thomas Rainer: Dedication, toughness, hedonism.