New Kingston - A Kingston Story: Come From Far - 33RPM

New Kingston

A Kingston Story: Come From Far


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Genre: Reggae
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the fourth studio album by American reggae band New Kingston, released in 2017. The album features 14 tracks and has a runtime of approximately 49 minutes.

The album showcases New Kingston's unique blend of modern reggae, traditional roots, and contemporary R&B influences. The band's tight harmonies, upbeat rhythms, and thoughtful lyrics make this album a standout in the genre.


  1. Come from Far
  2. Honorable & The Beast
  3. Starlight (feat. Pressure Busspipe)
  4. Meditation
  5. Agape (feat. Sister Carol)
  6. Protect Me (feat. Damian Marley)
  7. Mystery Babylon (feat. Maad T-Ray)
  8. Kingston Fyah Dub
  9. Certain Girls
  10. Reggae Music's Playing
  11. Stereotypes
  12. Solid As A Rock
  13. Fyah Nuh Hot Like You (feat. Sister Nancy)
  14. A Kingston Story: Come From Far (Dub Version)