Nina Simone - Emergency Ward - 33RPM

Nina Simone

Emergency Ward!



Genre: Jazz
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A live album recorded in 1972 and released the following year. The album features a collection of powerful and emotional performances, with Nina Simone showcasing her talents as both a singer and pianist. The album also includes a number of original songs, as well as covers of classic tracks like "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison and "Dambala" by exiled Haitian musician and Vodou priest Wade Serignan.


  1. "My Sweet Lord / Today Is A Killer"
  2. "Poppies"
  3. "Isn't It A Pity"
  4. "Galveston Flood"
  5. "Go To Hell"
  6. "Dambala"
  7. "Backlash Blues"
  8. "Emergency Ward"