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Genre: Synthpop
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Almost 20 years have passed since Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark released their ninth studio album "Liberator". The album has not been available on vinyl since the original release. Until now: the reissue is coming in 2021

"Liberator" was originally released on June 14, 1993, and the record features a total of twelve songs, including eleven originals by Andy McCluskey and a cover of the Velvet Undergroud song "Sunday Morning." The songs "Stand Above Me," "Dream Of Me" and "Everyday" appeared as singles from the album.

Recording took place at The Pink Museum and The Ministry studios in Liverpool, England, with producer Phil Coxon and musicians previously recruited for the previous album "Sugar Tax" in 1991. And so the sound of "Liberator", like that of its predecessor, was further oriented towards dance-pop and synth-pop. There are audible techno and house influences.
Although the OMD frontman himself felt he "messed up" the album, saying it was "hectic and messy," it reached the top 20 in the charts several times, including #14 in the UK and #17 in Germany. The singles "Stand Above Me" and "Dream Of Me" also reached the Top 25 in the singles chart in the UK.

For the reissue, the album "Liberator" was remastered from the original tapes at the renowned Abbey Road Studios. The reissue appears on black 180 g heavy vinyl.