Oscar Jerome - Breathe Deep - 33RPM

Oscar Jerome

Breathe Deep



Genre: Jazz
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Oscar Jerome's 2020 album "Breathe Deep" is a stunning fusion of jazz, soul, and hip-hop. The South London-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist is known for his politically conscious lyrics, virtuosic guitar playing, and genre-bending sound.

The album features 10 tracks, with each song showcasing Jerome's impressive musical range and skill. From the funky, guitar-driven opener "Your Saint" to the smooth, jazzy groove of "Gravitate," Jerome effortlessly blends different musical styles to create a cohesive and compelling album.

The standout track "Sun for Someone" is a beautiful ballad that showcases Jerome's soulful vocals and intricate guitar work. The song's poignant lyrics, about the struggle to find hope in dark times, resonate deeply and demonstrate Jerome's gift for storytelling.

Other highlights on the album include "Give Back What U Stole From Me," a funky protest song about reclaiming stolen land and resources, and "Timeless," a poignant reflection on the passage of time and the inevitability of change.

Overall, "Breathe Deep" is a stunning debut album from an incredibly talented artist. With its powerful lyrics, infectious grooves, and masterful musicianship, it's a must-listen for any fan of contemporary jazz and soul music.