PJ Harvey - Let England Shake - Demos - 33RPM

PJ Harvey




Genre: Alternative Rock
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PJ Harvey's "Let England Shake" is an acclaimed album that explores themes of war, history, and identity through its lyrics and unique musical style. The album's demos offer a glimpse into the early stages of the album's creation and reveal the evolution of its songs.

Here is the track list for "Let England Shake - Demos":

  1. "Let England Shake"
  2. "The Last Living Rose"
  3. "The Glorious Land"
  4. "The Words That Maketh Murder"
  5. "All and Everyone"
  6. "On Battleship Hill"
  7. "England"
  8. "In the Dark Places"
  9. "Bitter Branches"
  10. "Hanging in the Wire"
  11. "Written on the Forehead"
  12. "The Colour of the Earth"

These demos showcase the raw and stripped-down versions of the album's songs, featuring Harvey's vocals and guitar work, as well as various percussion and brass instruments. They offer a glimpse into the songwriting process, as well as the themes and musical style that would eventually become the finished album.