Porcupine Tree - Closure Continuation 2LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Porcupine Tree

Closure Continuation 2LP


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Genre: Prog Rock
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People no longer believed in it

In 2010, progressive rock greats Porcupine Tree bid farewell with an acoustic show and the four musicians went their separate ways. Frontman Steven Wilson and drummer Gavin Harrison in particular remained present and heavily active on experimental paths in the music world, so that it seemed clear: as regrettable as one may find it, these two pioneering spirits have simply outgrown the band.

In the fall of 2021, Porcupine Tree had already quietly reunited, except for ex-bassist Colin Edwin, to complete the production of their new album "Closure Continuation". And to have fun making their social media followers rub their eyes with an obscure sign of life.

This year saw the release of the British experimental rockers' new album "Closure Continuation", whose seven new songs prove that Porcupine Tree still have a lot to say artistically. The first track, "Harridan", should be mentioned here as a tip: a snappy bass intro and a delicate but driving drum groove that can only come from Gavin Harrison open and carry the eight-minute song. Keyboardist Richard Barbieri adds a psychedelic touch to the atmosphere with his masterful work on the synthesizer.

Herd Culling" also impresses as a rather PT-typical convoluted progressive rock number with intricate melodies, playful rhythms and an eruption-like howling chorus. However, with its breathtaking dynamics, the number is sure to win the admiration of even the most implacable skeptics of the musician police.

Frontman and producer Steven Wilson proves that, in addition to his musical expertise, he also possesses exorbitant technical know-how. "Closure Continuation" unites a sound spectrum of nuances from silky drum ghost notes and whispering synth arpeggios with bludgeoning bass and rolling guitar pads, so that it can almost be difficult to trust your own ears in these soundscapes here and there.

"Closure Continuation" can be ordered now as a CD, LP and limited special edition.