1. Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Driving Board, Ladder To The Sky [Vinyl] - 33RPM
  2. Porridge Radio - Waterslide, Driving Board, Ladder To The Sky [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Porridge Radio

Waterslide, Driving Board, Ladder To The Sky


Secretly Canadian

Genre: Indie Rock
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When Porridge Radio's Dana Margolin, one of the most vital new voices in rock, began thinking about the themes of her new album, three haunting words emerged: Joy, Fear and Infinity. The artwork for the band's third album, "Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky," is a surreal image that evokes the ducking and diving, the slippery slopes and existential angst of recent life. "For me, the feelings of joy, fear and infinity coexist," says Dana. "You're never just happy or unhappy."

After the release of "Every Bad" in 2020, Margolin was quickly regarded as one of the most magnetic female bandleaders around. But if Every Bad proved Dana's courage to expose herself, her band's third album takes this to new, anthemic heights. While there are moments where she releases herself from her gut, she also finds gentle strength in the songs. "I used to think I had to be loud to be heard," she admits, "but now I'm definitely less afraid of being soft."

The band's first new single, `Back To The Radio', is a stomping call to arms that contrasts with Dana's lyrics about panic and closure. This song is just one of many examples in WDBLTTS that explores something that has long been an important part of Porridge Radio's process: playfulness. "I think the album needed to have that balance," Dana explains. Balance: that's the word the album seems to be forever striving for - joy, angst and infinity in harmony, but also self-acceptance. Dana is increasingly aware that she is creating a persona for herself as her star continues to rise, and that she is singing personal songs that now belong to other people, which gives her purpose. She says: "I wrote these songs for myself, but I think everyone wants to feel that what they're doing is useful in some way. I'm now ready to take on whatever happens.