Qrixkuor - Incantations from the Abyss - 33RPM


Incantations from the Abyss


Invictus Productions

Genre: Death Metal
EAN: 72648018
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QRIXKUOR was born of flame and baptised in blood in the year MMXI. Their first utterance was the 19-minute demo 'Consecration of the Temple,' containing the track of the same name and ÔMorte Datores,Õ which was recorded in the West Midlands in mid-MMXIII and released unto the world at the debut live ritual, on April 26th MMXIV. The demo was continually self-repressed in small quantities until new music became the primary focus, eventually selling around 400 copies.
As work progressed for MMXVIÕs debut MLP ÔThree Devils DanceÕ for Invictus Productions with The Fires of Samhain: Intium festival in Dublin on Halloween MMXV planned as the eventually overly optimistic release date, a rehearsal for the festival was recorded and released at the festival as the ÔRehearsal 09/15Õ demo, limited to 50 blood-stained copies, to showcase a rough version of a new track entitled ÔThe Divine Architect,Õ a cover of DEMONCYÕs seminal ÔWinter BlissÕ and a re-interpretation of the title track from ÔConsecration...Õ by way of exhibiting the progression two years worth of rehearsals and shows since the original demoÕs release.
Invictus Productions collects both long sold out demos on one CD and vinyl compilation, with both releases remastered by VK (Vassafor), with layout by SeventhBell.