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A Moon Shaped Pool



Genre: Alternative Rock
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For quite a few people, "A Moon Shaped Pool" will be considered the best Radiohead album of all time. At least for a while. After all, the UK five-piece around frontman Thom Yorke will never be able to get past their two historical musical monuments "OK Computer" and "Kid A", even with their ninth long player. Nevertheless, it is an excellent album that should quite rightly appear in pretty much every serious list of best albums towards the end of the year.

There is a reason for this: rarely before has the fusion of so many musical styles (alternative, electronica, ambient, classical, chamber music, choirs, jazz, folk etc.) been as seamlessly successful as on the new album by the indie legend from Oxfordshire. The means used are strictly in the service of the usual first-class songwriting. Radiohead thus accomplish the improbable feat of never slipping into bombast despite all the stops they pull out, but rather making their new songs sound and feel minimalist and organic. This will open doors for new listeners.

The album's astonishing flow is the main reason for this: Contrary to all the stylistic diversity and supposed breaks between the songs, (almost) everything is in the right place here - from the opener "Burn The Witch" with its percussive string arrangements to ethereal numbers like "Daydreaming", "Decks Dark" and "Desert Island Disk" to the wistfully conciliatory piano closing ballad "True Love Waits". Everything flows. Although the electronic-dominated, comparatively energetic interrupters "Ful Stop" and "Identikit" act as contrasting points, they still fit smoothly into the overall picture. Magnificently arranged build-ups provide the necessary variety and excitement at the right moment on this all in all very relaxed musical journey. The recent experience of multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood as an Oscar-winning soundtrack composer can be felt everywhere.


1 Burn The Witch
A2 Daydreaming
B1 Decks Dark
B2 Desert Island Disk
B3 Ful Stop Drums [Additional] – Clive Deamer
C1 Glass Eyes
C2 Identikit
C3 The Numbers
D1 Present Tense
D2 Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
D3 True Love Waits