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In Rainbows



Genre: Alternative Rock
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Their best album since 'OK Computer'"
.... this or similar was what the press said when "In Rainbows" was released digitally in October 2007. The press was not only enthusiastic about the band's new release methods, but also about the quality of the music. The German Rolling Stone immediately named the work album of the month, and Spiegel Online also awarded the rare 10 points.

Now the cult band around mastermind Thom Yorke has signed a classic record deal after all, allowing XL Recordings to put CD and LP on the market. And surely gives us the last release in 2007 and the first chart entry in 2008.


15 Step 3:57
Bodysnatchers 4:02
Nude 4:15
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 5:18
All I Need 3:49
Faust Arp 2:10
Reckoner 4:50
House Of Cards 5:28
Jigsaw Falling Into Place 4:09
Videotape 4:40