Rising Tide By Members of Groundation - 33RPM

Rising Tide By Members of Groundation


Soulbeats Records

Genre: Reggae
EAN: 3149028005271
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Double vinyl. 180g, Gatefold


Groundation lead singer, reggae intellectual and workaholic Harrison “Professor” Stafford has been busy with various side projects for years now besides relentless touring with Groundation. Now the rest of Groundation comes up with a side project of their own to channel their excess creativity. Named Rising Tide, it unites current members of Groundation–minus the Professor–with former members of the successful Californian band.

The current members of Groundation participating are Marcus Urani as the producer and, of course, on keys, Ryan Newman on bass, and Kim Pommell and Sherida Sharpe (vocals). The former members partaking in Rising Tide are Kerry-Ann Morgan (vocals), and Paul Spina on drums. New is Jason Robinson on saxophone and flute. Quite outstanding is the engagement of New York City guitar god Yotam Silberstein, whose skills add ornaments of gold to Rising Tide’s debut album.