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The Roots

Things Fall Apart


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Genre: Alternative Rock
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The fourth album of THE ROOTS was recorded in the Electric Ladyland Studio by Jimi Hendrix and released in 1999. The album is considered by critics to be the band's breakthrough; "Things Fall Apart" was the first ROOTS album to sell more than half a million copies half a million copies.

Spin Magazine proclaimed the album a ROOTS milestone because it "swelled the ROOTS clique into a ROOTS movement ROOTS movement swell." At the time behind THE ROOTS was D'Angelo on keyboards and Erykah Badu on background Background vocals - joined by contributions from rappers MOS DEF, COMMON and BEANIE SIEGEL.

The band of the questlove, the charismatic drummer, was to become THE hip hop band Hip hop band that set the bar, which has not been broken to this day has not been torn down.