Ruth Goller - Skyllumina - 33RPM

Ruth Goller



International Anthem

Genre: Experimental Jazz
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Skyllumina represents a new development by London-based, Italian-born composer, bassist and vocalist Ruth Goller. Goller is known for her bass and vocal work with Alabaster DePlume, whose music she enhances in live contexts with her genre-free improvisational intuition, and an incredibly diverse resume that includes performances and recordings with Bex Burch's Vula Viel, Shabaka Hutchings, Rokia Traore, Melt Yourself Down, Sam Amidon and even a very brief moment with Paul McCartney.

For Skyllumina, her International Anthem debut, Goller expands on the concept of her first solo album Skylla - de-tuned bass harmonics with layered voices - this time working with a different drummer on each track. Her accompanists on the album include Tom Skinner from The Smile, London drummer Seb Rochford, her Berlin label mate Bex Burch from International Anthem and former Chicago legend Frank Rosaly.

But more importantly, the music is a haunting hyper-focus for Goller and her obviously distinct, unique compositional vision.


1: Below My Skin
2: Reach Down Into The Deepest White
3: Of Snowhere
4: Next Time I Keep My Hands Down
5: All The Light I Have, I Hand To You
6: She Was My Own She Was Myself
7: How To Be Free From It
8: From Breaks To Shreds It's A Short Path
9: Don't Follow Me
10: I Have For You - Simple Truth