RZA as Bobby Digital - Bobby Digital In Stereo - 33RPM

RZA as Bobby Digital

Bobby Digital In Stereo


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Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
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In November of 1998, Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA unleashed his first solo record, and his memorable alter-ego, Bobby Digital. Bobby Digital In Stereo is essentially a soundtrack. A soundtrack to a Blaxploitation / Martial arts film that never was - at least outside of the imagination of the artist and the listener - as RZA channels the martial arts superhero (or perhaps anti-hero) inspirations of his youth into his Bobby Digital persona.

The recording follows a loose storyline of RZA’s endeavors as Bobby Digital out to enlighten the people of the projects to the poisons of the hood that surrounded them every day. Production-wise, the release features a different approach from RZA’s work with Wu-Tang - a layered experimental keyboard driven sound instead of dusted sample-heavy beats - a technique RZA called the “Digital Orchestra.” Bobby Digital In Stereo rode to number 16 on the Billboard top 200 - peaked at number 3 on the Top R&B / Hip Hop albums chart - and went on to RIAA Gold status. Bobby Digital In Stereo is now regarded by many as the best of RZA’s Bobby Digital projects.

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[RSD 2023 Exclusive Edition]


A1. Intro
A2. B.O.B.B.Y.
A3. Unspoken Word
A4. Slow Grind African
A5. Airwaves
A6. Love Jones

B1. N.Y.C. Everything (feat. Method Man)
B2. Mantis
B3. Slow Grind French
B4. Holocaust (Silk Worm)
B5. Terrorist

C1. Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)
C2. Hand Writing On The Wall
C3. Kiss Of A Black Widow
C4. Slow Grind Italian
C5. My Lovin' Is Digi

D1. Domestic Violence
D2. Project Talk
D3. Lab Drunk
D4. Fuck What You Think
D5. Daily Routine