Shadow - Sweet Sweet Dreams - 33RPM


Sweet Sweet Dreams


Analog Africa

Genre: Disco
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1984 album by Shadow, a Trinidadian musician and composer known for his contribution to the calypso, soca and steelpan music genres. The album consists of six tracks, all composed and produced by Shadow himself, and features his signature fusion of calypso rhythms with funk, soul, and disco elements. The lyrics are mostly in English, with some occasional use of Spanish, and address themes such as love, social justice, and Caribbean culture. The album is considered a classic in Trinidadian music, and its title track, "Sweet Sweet Dreams", has become an anthem of sorts for the country.

A1 Let's Make It Up 6:11
A2 Let's Get It Together 6:27
A3 D'Hardest (Bonus Track) 7:34
B1 Moon Walking 5:47
B2 Without Love 4:51
B3 Way, Way Out 4:48