Shirley Horn - Embers And Ashes LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Shirley Horn

Embers And Ashes


Supper Club

Genre: Jazz
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Shirley Horn (1934-2005) is considered one of the great jazz singers of the nineteen fifties and sixties, often compared to Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan. Her outstanding career would span over fifty years. Shirley’s voice was smooth and expressive but never hurried.

She was one of the slowest singers in jazz. Embers and Ashes was her first album under her own name. Although she was only 26-years old at this time, much of the richness in her music was already present. 180-gram VIRGIN VINYL LIMITED EDITION of 1000 COPIES. The Complete Album + 2 Bonus Tracks.