Six Organs Of Admittance - For Octavio Paz - 33RPM

Six Organs Of Admittance

For Octavio Paz


Hermit Hut

Genre: Folk Rock
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Initially released in 2004 on the fabulous Time Lag label, we are now safe to bask in it's psych-folk sunlight again and let me assure you it's worth it. Ditching the voice almost altogether (save for a few wails), 'For Octavio Paz' sees Chasny focusing on his primary skill - the guitar. This collection of some of his best solo guitar work keeps that haunting tape-recorded lo-fi quality that has (quite obviously) left his more recent work. In fact, at times, you think you could be listening to a classic Takoma record; all the spirituality and virtuoso skill Chasny evokes are worthy of the genre's absolute finest. Yet he never manages to come off as aping one person's style - there are, of course, elements of John Fahey, but I wouldn't say any particular track sounds precisely like Fahey, the same with Robbie Basho. This selection of profoundly moving home-recorded tracks is a sublime indication of why Chasny is at the top of his game and is another essential part of his back catalogue.