Ska... Ska... Skandal! No. 6 - 33RPM

Various Artists

Ska... Ska... Skandal! No. 6


Pork Pie

Genre: Ska
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SKA. SKA. SKANDAL No. 6 is the PORK PIE jubilee edition of this cult compilation series that, since 1989, have made Ska "Made in Germany" popular all over the world. As of the 25th jubilee we got the idea to put together a new edition of the SKANDAL compilation series and see, if german ska bands still have it down pat. The result is a magnificent collection of previously unreleased songs especially recorded for this compilation. You may enjoy well-known ska heroes as well as young bands with fresh ideas that have the potential to be the big names of German Ska in the future.


01 SKAOS / Time Is RunningOut 02:43
02 EL BOSSO & DIE PING PONGS / Immer Nur Ska (30 years jubilee edition) 03:45
03 DR. RING DING SKA-VAGANZA / I'm In The Mood For Ska 03:14
04 THE FRITS / Still Alive 03:58
05 BLUEKILLA / Fiesta De Ska  03:46
06 THE BUSTERS / Hard To Be A Hero 03:42
07 WONDERSKA / No No No 04:50
08 YELLOW CAP / Rain Is Falling03:09
09 THE BUTLERS / Waste Your Boyhood 03:16
10 BLECHREIZ / Ich Bin Bereit 03:14
11 MASONS ARMS / Fuß Nach Vorn 02:46
12 DIE TORNADOS / Quasimono 02:59
13 DR. DEADLOCK CONGALINE / Lullaby For A Rude Girl 03:50