Stina Nordenstam - This Is Stina Nordenstam - 33RPM

Stina Nordenstam

This Is Stina Nordenstam


Real Gone Music

Genre: Indie Rock
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Discover the captivating sounds of Stina Nordenstam in her newest album, "This Is Stina Nordenstam". With her unique blend of haunting vocals and evocative lyrics, this album is sure to mesmerize and enchant listeners. Immerse yourself in her musical world and experience the depth and beauty of her artistry.


1 Everyone Else In The World
2 Trainsurfing
3 So Lee
4 The Diver
5 Circus
6 Stations
7 Keen Yellow Planet
8 Lori Glory
9 Welcome To Happiness
10 Clothe Yourself For The Wind
11 Sharon And Hope