Sweet Reaper - Street Sweeper - 33RPM

Sweet Reaper

Street Sweeper


Alien Snatch! Records

Genre: Rock
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Crank up the volume for the ultimate soundtrack for surfing, skating, and sweeping up the streets of Black Widow Island! It's poisoned power pop, contaminated surf core mixed with sticky basement punk pills. While SPITS and HEX DISPENSERS are still in the mushroom mix of the SWEET REAPER venomized experience, we throw in some WIPERS & M.O.T.O for that good trip, along with the always very original sounds of SWEET REAPER. From the depths of space all the way to your turntable, its World Contact day!
The trilogy is now completed. After 'Closer Still' and 'Sidekick', comes 'Street Sweeper' and it's kicking the streets! We´re proud to issue the SWEET REAPER debut on vinyl for the first time. It´s on 180g vinyl and comes with double-sided colored insert. 100 copies on clear vinyl with aquamarine swirls, mail order only. Don't forget to pick up the Microdose EP for additional 4 original bangers.

A1 Rock Alone
A2 Roller Snake
A3 Messin' Around
A4 Don't Care
A5 Last Night
A6 No Kontrol
B1 Station
B2 Other Side
B3 Cruise Ship
B4 Holidaze
B6 Fun Dip