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System Of A Down

System Of A Down


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Genre: Rock
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Produced by mixing desk legend Rick Rubin, the Armenian-born quartet System Of A Down managed a truly sensational debut in 1998. With their gothic metal masterpiece, they created one of the key works of the genre. Brutal riffs, stirring lyrics and hard core rhythms don't give the listener a moment to catch his breath. Whoever gets through the longplay is ready for more - e.g. "Toxicity", the second work of the metal processors.


1: Suite-Pee
2: Know
3: Sugar
4: Suggestions
5: Spiders
6: DDevil
7: Soil
8: War?
9: Mind
10: Peephole
11: CUBErt
12: Darts
13: P.L.U.C.K.