Sépulcre - Cursed Ways of Sheol - 33RPM


Cursed Ways of Sheol


Invictus Productions

Genre: Black Metal
EAN: 73631058
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In late 2020, SÉPULCRE emerged from the cobwebbed crypts of deepest, darkest Brittany with their debut demo, Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence, through INVICTUS. Yet another worthy addition to France’s currently thriving death metal scene SÉPULCRE eschewed the HM-2 worship of so many of their domestic contemporaries by diving deeper into the past and roaming wild ‘n’ free among the halls and corridors of the most ancient, all-caps DEATH METAL.

Now, the power-quartet run even wilder with Cursed Ways of Sheol. SÉPULCRE’s first proper EP, Cursed Ways of Sheol evinces the same characteristics of its demo predecessor – haunting leads, berzerk battery, and scarred throat from the abyss – but more importantly also evinces stronger songwriting and absolutely pummeling production. Put simply, THIS is how a fucking DEATH METAL record should sound, and SÉPULCRE run riot with 24 more minutes of eldritch darkness and feral lawlessness. Plunge deeper into the EP and one will find boundless horror, spiraling in delirium from “Aethyr Emanations” into the 10-minute closing epic “Foul Divinity Enthronation.”