Talk Talk - It’s my Life - 33RPM

Talk Talk

It’s my Life



Genre: Synthpop
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Hardly any other band of the 1980s changed their sound and style so radically in such a short time as the formation Talk Talk. Within six years (1982 - 1988) and four albums with EMI, they changed from New Romantics pop on their debut album "The Party's Over" with minor hits like "Talk Talk" or "Today" to almost archaic avant-garde rock/pop on "Spirit Of Eden". On this album the band was supported by illustrious guests such as violinist Nigel Kennedy or double bass legend Danny Thompson

Talk Talk achieved their breakthrough with "It's My Life". The album is less synthetic, but more emotional and thus also ensured a worldwide commercial success. "It's My Life" was even covered by No Doubt and reached the Top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2003 and stayed there for 28 (!) weeks. The album also includes the singles "Such a Shame" and "Dum Dum Girl."