Talking Heads - Fear Of Music LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Talking Heads

Fear Of Music


Rhino Records

Genre: Art Rock
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Fear of Music was released in 1979 and is the third album of Talking Heads. Although often overlooked in favor of its successor Remain in Light, this album represents a high point for Talking Heads that they never quite reached on later releases. Listen to Life During Wartime as a lesson in true, postmodern, danceable pop with edge, one of the bands best along with the seminal song "I Zimbra." Produced with Brian Eno.

One of the strengths of the band was certainly the ability to give each album its own sound, but still sound distinctive. Their third work, "Fear of Music" from 1979 sounds like the dark nightmare of a metropolitan neurotic and is also the album that was and is most typical of the Talking Heads image. Nervous sound, incredible breaks in style within the songs, musical unpredictability, schizoid lyricism. The cover all in black, perfectly reflects the content of the lyrics