Talking Heads - More Songs About buildings and food - 33RPM

Talking Heads

More Songs About buildings and food



Genre: New Wave
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S studio album by American rock band Talking Heads, released in 1978. The album was produced by Brian Eno and features a mix of new wave, punk, and funk influences, with the band's signature art-pop sound.

The album includes some of the band's most well-known tracks, such as "Take Me to the River" and "The Big Country", as well as fan favorites like "Thank You for Sending Me an Angel" and "Warning Sign". The album's cover art, featuring the band members' faces distorted and blended together, has become iconic.

"More Songs About Buildings and Food" received critical acclaim upon release, and is considered one of the best albums of the 1970s. It also helped establish Talking Heads as one of the leading bands of the new wave movement, with their distinctive blend of avant-garde experimentation and catchy, danceable grooves.

Thank You For Sending Me An Angel 2:11
With Our Love 3:30
The Good Thing 3:03
Warning Sign 3:55
The Girls Want To Be With The Girls 2:37
Found A Job 5:00
Artists Only 3:34
I'm Not In Love 4:33
Stay Hungry 2:39
Take Me To The River 5:00
The Big Country 5:30