Terkel Noorgaard - Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi [Vinyl] - 33RPM

Terkel Noorgaard

Terkel Nørgaard With Ralph Alessi


We jazz Records

Genre: Jazz
EAN: 6417138660756
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Danish drummer Terkel Nørgaard presents his trio, which consists of some of the most important players on the Copenhagen scene and includes American star trumpeter Ralph Alessi (ECM). Alessi and the Danes form not only a "feature", but a coherent band unit capable of producing memorable and highly inspired contemporary jazz, which follows the Nordic tradition of dynamic sound, ranging from delicate minimalism to powerful avant-garde eruptions

The album Terkel Nørgaard "With Ralph Alessi" is released on Helsinki's We Jazz Records. On the new album the Danish trio plus Alessi perform something that can always be considered a remarkable achievement. They deliver a highly inspired music that combines the album with the ever-evolving line of jazz music and at the same time introduce a new band that can inspire the listener in the here and now.