The Ataris - Look Forward To Failure - 33RPM

The Ataris

Look Forward To Failure


Fat Wrek Records

Genre: Punk
EAN: 751097058114
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Recorded after the "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts" album was recorded but was released prior to the "Blue Skies" album as this was released the end of the year 1998 and "Blue Skies" was released in April 1999.

The upside is that this E.P. did the groundwork and basically helped launch the "Blue Skies" L.P. when it was finally released.
And also helped really give Kung Fu Records the boost that it needed.

The song "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits" was recorded in this session but was supposed to be used for the "Short Music for Short People" comp. but instead we later recorded three more songs and one of those was chosen instead.