The Cure - Seventeen Seconds - 33RPM

The Cure

Seventeen Seconds


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Genre: Rock
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Of all the bands that followed punk rock in the late seventies, few have proven as enduring and popular as The Cure

In the beginning, The Cure played edgy pop songs before gradually bringing more structure to their songs. As one of the bands that kicked off goth rock, The Cure layered guitars and synths, but by the time goth finally caught on in the '80s, The Cure had already moved on to new things

"Seventeen Seconds" was recorded and mixed in seven days on a budget of around £3000; the band spent 16 or 17 hours a day in the studio at the time to get by on budget. From short instrumentals to robotic pop, "Seventeen Seconds" is the album where The Cure leave their influences behind and become a band in their own right.