The Degenham Yanks- Trance-Substantiation LP [Vinyl] - 33RPM

The Degenham Yanks

Trance Substantiation


The Degenham Yanks

Genre: Indie Rock
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“Trance-substantiation” is an absolute “gem of an album”. A refreshing piece of indie rock that is intelligent, joyous and danceable. It is collection of genius songs performed to the very very highest level. Mod and punk attitude, surrealism glitz with soaring vocals a thinking persons bop. “Sheer Class”.


“The Dagenham Yanks“ have as their core members,Mark O’Sullivan,Taly Murphy,John O’Connor,Tanya Adamson and Brendan Cotter.These characters are the powerhouses behind the bands rapid success on the Cork live music, Radio and festival scene. Formed by Mark O'Sullivan as a platform to express his songs, The bands mission statement is to be cerebral witty and joyous even with darker themes. The band have been booked to headline festivals next year and are currently releasing their debut album which promises to be an artistic triumph.