The Higsons - Run Me Down (The Complete 2Tone Recordings) - 33RPM

The Higsons

Run Me Down (The Complete 2Tone Recordings)



Genre: Ska
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"These titles have been out of print on vinyl for over 30 years. Originally released by Jerry DammersÕ 2Tone label in the second wave of signings in 1982/3, The Higsons fitted with the political nature of the label and were also integral to Dammers new vision of having something other than new wave of ska acts on the roster. Run Me Down came out in the spring of 1983 so RSD 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the release.
The Higsons front-man, Switch (now better known by his real name, Charlie Higson) designed all the band's sleeve art under the pseudonym RenŽ Parapap - except for Run Me Down which was made by the Chrysalis Records art department. He has designed a new cover for this compilation to mark the anniversary edition of this compilation of Higsons 2Tone releases.
This is a limited edition artefact of 500 copies on black vinyl only, in a sleeve unique to the release for RSD 2023.