The Jazz Butcher - Dr Chomondley Repents: A Sides, B-Sides and Seasides - 33RPM

The Jazz Butcher

Dr Chomondley Repents


Fire Records

Genre: Alternative Rock
EAN: 809236156518
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Double vinyl release of Jazz Butcher favourites, oddities, unheard alternate versions + a live radio session from LA's KCRW - many of which have never been on vinyl. Features extensive liner notes and exclusive artwork. The compilation gathers a raft of indie chart hits, plus a host of truly eclectic Butcher tunes from his early Glass recordings through his time at Creation. ÒThe Jazz Butcher is one of the most brilliant incisive pop writers that Britain has produced since the glory days of Ray Davies and Pete TownshendÓ Alan McGee, Creation. This collection compiles an essential alternative world view, tracing pop culture through the kaleidoscope of the Ô80s and beyond, filled with a unique brand of wit and wisdom.