The Numbers - Alternative Suicide (Black Vinyl) - 33RPM

The Numbers

Alternative Suicide


Radiation Reissues

Genre: Post Punk
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The Numbers, a Bristol-based new wave quartet, first emerged in 1977, comprising vocalist/rhythm guitarist Nick McAuley, bassist Wayne Kingston, drummer Lee Gardener, and future Massive Attack guitarist Angelo Bruschini. Drawing inspiration from Bowie's Berlin trilogy, their early recordings surfaced on compilations released by the local Heartbeat label in 1979. Notably, their power-punk-pop track 'Alternative Suicide' featured on 4 Alternatives, while the funk-infused 'Cross Slide' appeared on Avon Calling. This compelling compilation pairs these songs with previously unreleased demos, providing a comprehensive glimpse into a band that was ahead of its time, with Bruschini already showcasing his exceptional talent.