Tyler The Creator - Goblin - 33RPM

Tyler The Creator




Genre: Hip Hop
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Tyler, The Creator, is the frontman of West Coast hip-hoppers Odd Future (Wolf Gang Kill Them All). Far beyond the boundaries of the rap genre, the ten-member collective made a name for itself as a futuristic blueprint of reference-open hip-hop that knows no bounds, from electronic music to horror quotes to punk rock-like live shows.

Led by MC and producer Tyler, The Creator, the group brought together talent from various backgrounds, following old models such as N.W.A and Wu-Tang Clan work together on sound and visuals. With pleasant consequences: All major labels in the U.S. are vying for the collective and its members. In this bid for the hip-hop hype of the decade, XL Recordings secured the rights to Tyler's solo album "Goblins. 


01 Goblin
02 Yonkers
03 Radicals
04 She
05 Transylvania
06 Nightmare
07 Tron Cat
08 Her
09 Sandwitches
10 Fish
11 Analog
12 BSD
13 Window
14 AU79
15 Golden