VA - Crawling The Walls Meets... 2CD RSD 2024 - 33RPM


Crawling The Walls Meets... 2CD RSD 2024


Agitated Records

Genre: Rock
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CHEAP PRICE COMPILATION CD of rare, unreleased, forthcoming, and brilliant tracks from the Agitated Label,and friends.. Like a massive bag of pick and mix to have a prty with.. Wil lfeature Straight Arrows, Kelley Stoltz, Carlton Melton, Laurel Canyon, Catatonic Suns, LAst of Easy Riders, Icarus Line, Blamers, and much more besides.. 500 CD tasty..


Straight Arrows - Fast Product (first time on CD)
Kelley Stoltz - Reni's Car (upcoming June 2024 release)
Laurel Canyon - Madame Hits the Wire (from S/T LP)
Old Boy - Sho Caller (first time on CD)
Catatonic Suns - Fell Off (from S/T 2024 LP)
Blamers - Apple (LP only released in March 2024)
Hoss - Also, Just for You (unreleased remaster, reissued later 2024)
Koolaid (Global Tyranny) - The Process (early Agitated classic! First time on CD)
Icarus Line - Slow Death (first/only time on CD)
Laurel Canyon - M (Unreleased Cover version)
Joel Silbersher - Half a Mind (prev 7" only release)
Kings of the F>>> Sea - I Walk Alone (Live) (from 2021 Live release)
Carlton Melton - Vanquished (from the 2023 release)
Headland - Ode To Death Trip (from the 2019 release)
Old Boy -Proper Sons (from the 2022 LP)
Last of the Easy Riders - Woodland Echoes (from the 2019 album release)
Kelley Stoltz - Plants (prev only on a bonus 7")
Straight Arrows - Carpe Diem (exclusive cover for this comp)